"Testnet is live"


Q2-Q3 2022

Inception and Starting Up

  • $1.3M pre-seed round finalized
  • VirtuSwap Foundation formed
  • 12-person team assembled
  • Protocol developed and audited by Pessimistic Security and CertiK
  • Data science/optimization module in advanced development stages
  • Community formed and constantly expanding
  • Testnet launched on Polygon

Q1 2023

Mainnet Launch on Polygon

  • Community expansion in progress
  • Airdrops in progress
  • Tokenomics implementation in progress
  • Integrations with Aggregators, Bridges and Indexers in progress
  • Liquidity bootstrapping
  • AI DEX optimization module

Q4 2023

V2 on selected EVM blockchains

  • Growing TVL and trading volume on v1
  • Expanding optimization module capabilities
  • Transitioning to a DAO
  • Development of VirtuSwap v2:
    • Hedging of reserves module
    • IDO module
    • Single-sided liquidity provision
  • Mobile application


V3 on selected blockchains

  • Developing v3
    • Multiple pools per pair
    • Multi-asset pools
    • Concentrated liquidity provision
  • Launching v3 on selected EVM blockchains
  • Expanding VirtuSwap beyond a DEX to broader DeFi