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The Most Efficient DEX

State-of-the-art Financial Engineering
Lower Trading Costs
Higher LP Returns

VirtuSwap greatly improves
DEX efficiency

Average reduction in trading costs for medium-cap pairs*


Average increase in LP returns*

* based on in-house simulation performed by AI. Excluding trades involving WETH, USDC, and WBTC, and excluding WETH-USDC, WETH-WBTC, and WBTC-USDC pools. LP Returns gross of impermanent loss and net of returns due to exogenous price changes, and not including any token-based incentivization.

Our revolutionary technology

The problem of indirect trades

Lack of direct liquidity between most tokens leads to wasteful
indirect trades

40% of non-bot trading volume on traditional DEXes is indirect
$500M in losses in 12 months*
* June 2021-June 2022

How we solve it

One gas fee. One price impact. One swap fee.
  • VirtuSwap AMM pools hold reserves of non-native tokens
  • Every pool can trade multiple pairs
  • Virtual pools are constructed for every trade, and every trade is direct

Direct trading is the VirtuSwap
ultimate solution

Removes duplicate fees
Mitigates duplicate slippage
Occurs on a single smart contract, reducing gas costs
Decrease losses to arbitrage bots
Reduce Impermanent Loss
Improve returns

* based on internal AI simulations

How VirtuSwap works


Q2-Q3 2022
  • Inception and starting up
Dec 2022
  • Mainnet Launch on Polygon
Mid 2023
  • V2 on selected EVM blockchains
  • V3 on selected blockchains

Virtuswap is backed by

Sandeep Nailwal

Polygon Co-Founder

JD Kanani

Polygon Co-Founder & CEO

Hamzah Khan

Head of DeFi and Labs at Polygon

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